Friday, 19 July 2013

First Post on Rock My Wedding

Well hello, it's me again!

I wanted to share the first post I've written for Rock My Wedding since being voted in as one of their Real Bride bloggers for 2013/2014.

I really can't tell you how much good company I'm in during this season's Real Brides. These girls are so lovely, so supportive and luckily for me being the most clueless one out of all of us, they are so super helpful. Seriously, we're talking DIY queens - designing stuff on photoshop, producing their own stamps... they're a creative bunch..

We've already created a  really good network together and even though we're dotted all around the world, thanks to Facebook and of course RMW, all this wedding planning malarky has become even more fun!

You can read about the girls' posts here Sophie, Sarah, Jackie and Stef. We are waiting anxiously for Carly's first post, but here is a sneak peak at her plans.

It is lovely to feel a part of something like this, ooooh I love the bloggersphere (I know I sound ancient saying that!)

Saturday, 11 May 2013

RMW :: Real Bride :: Votes Please!!

Hello Lushaliscious-readers..

I have some exciting Friday news and I would love your help!! Last week, I applied to be a Real Bride for 2014 on the oh so pretty, oh so popular, of so fabulous oh so number one wedding blog in the UK - Rock My Wedding

Brides-to-be had to send in a piccie of them and their boy, a mood board that encapsulates their day and a 500 word summary of the vision for their day.

If you would like to vote for me (yay - thank you, please!) just head to my article here and pop "VOTE" in the comments box... please check the competition entry deets as votes will only be counted after 4.30pm London time

Thanks so much!!
Nicola xxx

Friday, 15 February 2013

Little Beach

This has been one of those full on weeks, in a good way. Work has been very productive (an exciting project has almost been signed off, yay!), I've achieved a good, solid week at the gym and there's been some fun social events too. 

Watching the gorgeous Ryan Gosling in Gangster Squad with a glass of Pinot Noir and eating Fish and Chips at the open air cinema sat in front of the gorgeous moonlit Sydney harbour was a real treat and a night out with the Pommy Media Mafia at Tranny Bingo last night was too much fun (actually it was too much fun, got a bit of a bingo-hangover today. Ouch). 

So, what's needed to really wrap up this week is a lush weekend away to Little Beach. This will be our fourth trip to the literally little beach. It's so simple and cute: eco toilets, bbq, 6 camp sites and right on the beach. It really is a happy little place. 

The clever little dabber that is Chris produces amazing Ozzie video diaries. Lucky for me as I get to have lush memories captured and remembered just like this video from last year's group trip to the little beach of lushness. 

 Have a great weekend x

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Embrace the cheese

{Pretty Women - knight in shining armour on a white horse}

Happy Valentine's Day to you all!

I'm always so surprised by my lack of love for V-Day, I'm not a celebrator at all (no cards, flowers, dinners!). But - it doesn't stop my love for cheese-fest rom coms. 

Here are my top five romance movie moments. What would yours be?

{An Officer and a Gentleman - whisked off out of the factory}

{Bridget Jones' Diary - FINALLY kissing Mr. Darcy}

{Jerry Maguire - you complete me}

{Sleepless in Seattle - meeting at Empire State building}

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

A Lushaliscious Comeback

The most famous comeback of my time has got to be Harold Bishop in Neighbours... seriously, how did he manage to recover from that fall off a cliff?

Then there's been all the boy (and girl) band comebacks of the 90's with a kind of the double comeback from Take That thanks to Robbie. 

And most lately there's been the return of John Galliano. Not that I am condemning his behaviour that night in Paris at all, but am I glad that he is back on the fashion scene.

Well, I am not saying that the return of Lushaliscious is anywhere near the comeback status of Harold, Take That or Galliano (as if, I am not completely in Nicola land!) but I am pleased to say that my I am looking forward to getting all Lushaliscious on the bloggersphere ass again.

Thursday, 3 May 2012

RAFW 2012 :: Alice McCall S/S 12/13

Here are some of my fav pieces from the Alice McCall Spring Summer '12 - '13 collection that previewed yesterday. There are signature Lushaliscious details on show here: feminine textures juxtaposed with sharp tailoring and bright explosions of colour from incredible embroidered details.

All images source here

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Express beauty review :: Aleisha-Jane Beauty, Sydney

Girls, you know the drill. Every 4 weeks we put ourselves through the pain and embarrassment of going to the salon for our bikini wax. It's something I used to fear and dread (I have been known to be in tears, as I said, embarrassing!) But I've got to share a secret with you in the shape of Aleisha-Jane Beauty salon. Honestly, go in and see a lovely lady by the name of Eden and you will no longer look at that 15 minute appointment in your pretty diary and think "nooooo!".

Eden is Amazing! She has some sort of special beautician power which means there is minimal pain and the "procedure/performance/treatment" is over in a jack-flash. She's also adorable and makes you feel totally at ease.

Sorry to all the non-Sydney ladies here, please share your beauty salon tips with the rest and let's all say "Happy Waxing!"

Disclaimer: I do not have any commercial interest in Aleisha-Jane Beauty, this is a sincere review to help my readers at waxing time :-)