Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Express beauty review :: Aleisha-Jane Beauty, Sydney

Girls, you know the drill. Every 4 weeks we put ourselves through the pain and embarrassment of going to the salon for our bikini wax. It's something I used to fear and dread (I have been known to be in tears, as I said, embarrassing!) But I've got to share a secret with you in the shape of Aleisha-Jane Beauty salon. Honestly, go in and see a lovely lady by the name of Eden and you will no longer look at that 15 minute appointment in your pretty diary and think "nooooo!".

Eden is Amazing! She has some sort of special beautician power which means there is minimal pain and the "procedure/performance/treatment" is over in a jack-flash. She's also adorable and makes you feel totally at ease.

Sorry to all the non-Sydney ladies here, please share your beauty salon tips with the rest and let's all say "Happy Waxing!"

Disclaimer: I do not have any commercial interest in Aleisha-Jane Beauty, this is a sincere review to help my readers at waxing time :-)


  1. I got so excited then thinking wait could it be... and then saw "all non Sydney siders" :( I'm a Perth girl and am yet to find the secret weapon waxer. Alas, I will continue, that beauty salon looks gorgeous even in appearance though :) P.s I LOVE finding other Aussie bloggers so Ill be sure to visit regularly!

    Anna xo


  2. Oh no not waxing! That's so painful! But it's good you found somewhere that doesn't hurt so much! I really like your blog, it would be nice if you could stop by my blog sometime too :) :)


  3. Great photos,and i absolutely love your blog
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    Hope to hear from you soon>:D<
    Kisses Theo


  4. I checked your blog and I like it so much.
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    Have a great day!

  5. Haha sounds so painful! Is it common on Sydney? :)



  6. Eden also does my waxing and she is so quick!! She is so lovely and makes you feel comfortable - it is over before you know it :) I definately recommend Aleisha Jane Beauty.